Current Fellow

Dr. Siti Muyassarah Rusli

Dr Rusli obtained her medical degree from Kursk State Medical University.  She completed her 2 years internship at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Medical Centre and 2 years of general surgery residency under Ministry Of Health Malaysia. She graduated after 4 years training of Master of Plastic Surgery in Universiti Sains Malaysia, and returned to UKM Medical Centre as a clinical specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery. She is a member of Malaysian Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. 

Dr Rusli’s plastic surgery special interest include microsurgical reconstructive surgeries, lymphedema surgeries, post bariatric or aesthetic breast and body contouring surgeries. Her passion leads to international and local publications, scientific researches, oral presentations including local community interviews. 

Dr Rusli interest in becoming International Fellow in Plastic, Reconstructive & Microsurgery, Vienna is to enhance her surgical skills in microsurgery, breast and body contouring surgeries, as well as dealing with lymphedema management due to high volume of surgical cases and availability of experts guidance in Krankenhaus Gottlicher Heiland. She aims to provide advanced and comprehensive plastic surgery services and treatments to her patients once returns to her country.